3 Things Needed Before Taking Abortion Pills

You just took a pregnancy test – it’s positive.  You may be tempted to feel like your life is out of control, but it is not. You are in control, and you have a decision to make. Like anything else in life, best decisions are made with complete and accurate information. 

Providing you with the information needed for you to make your best decision is why Anchor of Hope exists. In a 45-minute appointment, licensed medical staff will provide you with the necessary information needed to make your decision.

1. A Lab-Quality Pregnancy Test

Prior to scheduling an abortion, get your pregnancy confirmed with a lab-quality pregnancy test provided by licensed medical professionals. This test will either confirm your at-home positive test or indicate a negative urine HCG level.  Negative tests results are reviewed by a licensed medical professional, and you can decide if you wish to schedule a retest.

You can schedule your no-cost and confidential pregnancy test at Anchor of Hope today. 

2. Pregnancy Verification/Ultrasound

The results of your positive lab-quality pregnancy test are then verified by an ultrasound.   Early ultrasounds are intended to provide 3 vital details about your pregnancy: 

  1. The viability of your pregnancy (has a heartbeat)
  2. The location of your pregnancy (is your pregnancy in the uterus or ectopic)
  3. How far along you are (dating from conception) 

Answers to #1 and #2 may reveal that an abortion procedure is not needed. 

3. Information on Pregnancy Options

Abortion is one of three options you  have for your pregnancy, and you deserve to have information on all three options. Once you’ve confirmed you have a viable, healthy intrauterine pregnancy, learn about ALL your pregnancy options. Those three options are abortion, adoption, and parenting. To find out more about the option of abortion, or any other pregnancy options, contact us today.  


All services at Anchor of Hope are provided at no cost to you.  


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