Parenting Classes

Earn While You Learn (EWYL)

Pregnancy and parenting can bring a lot of questions-and we are here to help you on your journey. Here are some of the many topics Anchor of Hope has to offer in Earn While You Learn classes: 

I’ve decided to parent my baby but need some support and help with things my baby will need.

Anchor of Hope offers FREE parenting classes through a program called ‘Earn While You Learn’ (EWYL).  You will learn from evidence-based material that is up to date and relevant. You will also find staff members to be safe and non-judgmental. The EWYL program is made exactly for YOU right where you are, seeking to empower you by helping you learn, grow, and find friendship.  

You can attend EWYL classes starting from pregnancy through ages 2 to 3.  Classes cover a wide variety of stages and ages.  EWYL classes are about 45 minutes in length, and you can attend them once a week either in person or online. (Please call our center for specifics about online classes.) During your visit, you will meet with a trained staff member dedicated to providing a caring, confidential environment for you to receive support. You are welcome to attend classes on your own, with your partner or with a support person. We have both male and female volunteers and are able to meet relational needs for moms, dads and couples.    

Categories of lessons include:    

  • Pregnancy/Birth   
  • First Year   
  • Toddler   
  • Parenting   
  • Co-parenting   
  • Life Skills   
  • Special Circumstances   
  • Love Lessons    
  • Positive Partnerships   
  • Fatherhood Lessons   
  • Bible Study 

Yes! Anchor of Hope’s parenting classes are recognized by most of the social/case workers in our county. With your permission and a signed release, we can share your progress and class attendance information, helping advocate for you on your journey.

*Individual case requirements are determined by your social/case worker, not Anchor of Hope*

Absolutely! We are here for you and your family! We are excited to help you learn and grow as parents together. You will earn extra points for the boutique when a partner or support person attends classes with you.   

While we do offer occasional group classes for education, our EWYL program is designed to be 1:1 to help you grow as a parent. We are dedicated to your confidentiality and with a 1:1 class you can safely voice concerns and have discussion with one of our staff/volunteers.    

You can call or text the Center at 920-452-4673 letting us know you are interested in parenting classes. A staff member will contact you to schedule an intake appointment and get you started. All classes are FREE.  

While our EWYL classes are designed mostly for parents who are currently expecting and/or parenting a child 3 and under, we are happy to provide classes for you as you parent older children.    

Some lessons we have that may be helpful include:    

  • Parenting without shame   
  • Creating Honesty   
  • The Have a new kid by Friday series   
  • What is a family?    
  • and more.

Anchor of Hope Boutique

With each EWYL class attended, you earn points that can be used toward baby/toddler items in our boutique.    

Our boutique has items such as:  diapers, wipes, car seats, clothing, bottles, pack-n-plays, hygiene items, books, toys, blankets, and more!

If you attend:

  • an EWYL lesson alone, you earn 10 points
  • an EWYL lesson with your partner or a support person, you earn 20 points
  • online EWYL classes, you earn 5 points    

*Once enrolled in EWYL program, EXTRA points can be earned through our EWYL Plus Program. Ask a staff/volunteer for more information 

Earning baby/toddler items in our boutique is fun and easy! With your points you can earn a variety of baby/toddler items such as:    

  • brand new infant carseat-80 points (4 lessons for a couple)    
  • baby/toddler clothing items-2 points/piece   
  • diapers-1-6 points   
  • wipes-1 point   
  • crib-80 points  
  • and much more.

Stop in to see what our boutique has to offer. 

Our boutique carries boy and girl clothing 0-24 months and diapers newborn-size 6.    

We also carry pull-ups and occasionally have toddler underwear as well.