For Parents

If your daughter has just told you she’s pregnant, or your son has told you his girlfriend/partner is pregnant, know we’re glad you found us! We are here to support your son and daughter as they discuss options. Here are some initial things you can do to continue the conversation and help your son or daughter get the care and support they need. 

Choosing to speak with you about their pregnancy was a brave first step. It demonstrates trusts and a desire for support.


Your son or daughter wants you on their team. You have been invited to be part of their journey and your support is valuable.

We have professional, medical staff that can answer your questions. Services include pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and STI testing. All services are at no cost to you, confidential, and are performed by licensed medical professionals. 

We offer parenting courses that teach valuable skills for during a pregnancy and after. Clients earn credits towards purchasing items from our baby boutique.

CONTACT US by calling or texting 920-452-4673.

Request An Appointment

This form does not guarantee an appointment, you will be contacted by the clinic in the next business day to answer some questions and confirm the space is available. Please note: The correspondence that you send in this form is not secure. Please do not send confidential information in the message box of this form.