For Students

Yes, you can call/text 920-452-4673 to ask any questions.

Yes. Medical grade pregnancy testing is done by licensed medical professionals. Results are immediate.

Pregnancy, parenting, and education are not mutually exclusive life events. Look around. Many very successful women are moms. You can finish school and still have your baby.  Staff and volunteers are available to meet with you one-on-one (or you can bring a friend) to listen, discuss your options and maybe help you see a vision of your future that may seem cloudy through the lens of a pregnancy. 

Yes. Confirming a viable intrauterine pregnancy and understanding how far along you are in your pregnancy are essential pieces of information in your abortion decision. Call or text 920-452-4673.

Your appointment is completely confidential. However, we encourage you to speak with a parent or a trusted adult. 

Not knowing how your parents will react can be a tough. If you choose to tell your parents prior to coming to Anchor of Hope, know you are welcome to invite them to your appointment. If you would prefer not to tell your parents prior to coming to Anchor of Hope, know that we can help you through this big step.

Not knowing how your boyfriend/partner will react can be a tough thing to think about. If you choose to tell him prior to coming to Anchor of Hope, know you are welcome to invite him to your appointment. We have male volunteers who are willing to meet with your partner/support person and listen to their concerns.

We offer post-abortion medical appointments. We know that pregnancy is a life-changing event for both those who choose to carry pregnancies to term and those who choose to terminate a pregnancy. Because of this, we want to be able to offer you free and confidential support no matter your decision. CONTACT US by calling or texting 920-452-4673.

We offer post-abortion emotional support. Many women may experience, emotional, physical or relational struggles resulting from a past abortion decision.  Call 920-452-4673 or text “HEALING” to 920-452-4673 for information on individual or group support opportunities. 

If you have taken the first dose of the abortion pill and regret your decision. It may not be too late. Contact the 24/7 hotline and get help now: 1-877-558-0333 or live chat:

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