Miscarriage and Ectopic Precautions

What is miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy? Find out all the information you need to be informed.

STD Exposure

How many people have you really been exposed to? Having information on STD exposure can help you be empowered to make decisions.

RH Factor

Knowing your blood type is a very important question if you are pregnant, even if you have a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, or an elective abortion.

Morning Sickness

What is morning sickness? What can I do if I have morning sickness?

Abortion Procedures and Risks

What are the different types of abortion procedures? What are the potential risks of each procedure? Having all the information you need helps keep you safe and helps you make an empowered choice.

Abortion and STI's

All women considering abortion should be tested for STI's.

Pregnancy Timeline

What happens during each week of early pregnancy and how do I best take care of myself during that time?